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cyber wellness

Now that we are online, some rules do apply "once said, the web is fed". Make sure you follow the guidelines  available to those online, so that you do not become a victim or cause the victimization.  #THINKB4UCLICK

Understanding Cyber Wellness

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1. Understanding cyber wellness citizenship

2. 10 commandments on using the internet

4. cyber safety: be informed

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1. glossary terms: cyber safety terms 

2. be internet awesome: tip sheet

3. a guide on creativity & copyright

4. A quick guide to cyber security

Get it right, there are so many terms and conditions around us and all we do is click ACCEPT… So accept the terms and conditions of sharing the web with the whole planet. Keep yourself in line, when you are online and check out this section.

Online Ethical Behaviour

Act Right online

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1. internet ethics

3. internet etiquette 

2. proper etiquette for online learning

4. accessing credible content

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1. 7 rules of online etiquette

Just because you are thinking it, it doesn't mean you need to share it. Join many around the world and stop the bullying and start the empowering instead. Avoid making terrible decisions and look in to the section below.

Cyber Bullying


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1. raise your voice, not your phones

3. top 10 forms of cyber bullying

2. how to handle cyber bullying

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1. online bullying

2. top 14 tips staying safe online

Some of us are are too quick to Snap the latest craze, post to Insta and Tweet about out the TikTok video online. Before we all get shook while trying to keep up. Learn some valuable tips by reviewing this section.

Social Media for Education

Social Media

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1. social media safety tips

3. who are you on social media?

2. do & do not principles for social media

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1. 12 social media online safety tips 

2. a quick guide to instagram 

3. a quick guide to tiktok

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