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Music just takes you to another level, am I right Justin? Whatever your playlist might be, make sure you taking some time out to "Treat yo' self". Remember to keep your mind active and avoid the negativity by reflecting in this area

Take Care of Yourself

Watch This!!

1. Stress relief

3. 7 Tips towards Mental Health

2. LOFI hip hop radio

4. 12 Tips for Quarantine

With all this free time on your hands, why not learn something new? Make a mask, play with slime, or maybe just keep your room clean? In this section, you will learn how to keep productive and maybe avoid that mountain of homework.

Exploring Interests & Arts


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1. DIY Face Masks 

3. Ten Arty craft ideas

5.SUZeLLe DIY Playlist

2. Corona Fun Crafts

4. 100 things to do when bored

Tick Tock Tick Tock, can you hear the sound of your worries just passing away? Timers and alarms might seem irrelevant in, well, this difficult time. But, let's maintain some kind of "normalcy" by using  the resources available to us, even if we are just timing our latest challenges and posts online.

Digital Balance Your Time


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1. Limit Screen Time

3. Hybrid Stopwatch and Timer

2. Screen time, a healthy balance

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1. How not to become a screen zombie

If you want something done right, you had best do it yourself. In this section, you will learn out computer programming and you will soon realise what Mr Robot and the rest have been on about for years.  So upgrade your brain and catch up with what's happening around you.

Coding: Play & Learn


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1. What is computational thinking?

3. What is Coding?

2. Why you need computational thinking

4. Which coding language?

Play & Explore


Please note that activities work best on a computer rather than a mobile

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logo_applab_square (1).png

Read & Explore

1. Are you a computational thinker?

2. Activities to practice computational thinking

Let's face it, there are way too many random and strange people online. Prepare to face and deal with the ramifications if you have a weak password or an addiction to online gaming. You can play along and protect yourself here.

Online Safety Games


Watch &Play


1. Interland: a game

2. Digital Media Smart: Learn through play


Play & Explore



3. Digital Password

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1. Social Media, Gaming & Mental Health for families

2. Online gaming to Online Gambling

Did you think using technology means you have to sit the whole time in one position? Need a break? Work in little exercise routines between your study time. Check out the resources below to get some great ideas. Remember a 10 minute active break stimulates the brain and energizes the body and mind.

Power-up the Body


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1. Rainbow Yoga

3. 15 Minute Cardio Dance 

2. 10-Minute Workout for Teenagers

Play & Explore!

1. Exercise with Go Noodle for family

go noodle 2.gif
go noodle.gif