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Collaborate with friends

Since everyone is so busy posting and sharing information online, you might as well pay some attention to creating content with friends. If you've forgotten how to share videos on YouTube, look at the reminders below:

Collaborate with Friends

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1. How to share Videos from YouTube Teacher

2. How to save Videos on YouTube

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1. Saving a video to watch later

It is super awkward when you fall victim to fake news and can't find relevant information to your assignment or general search. Learn how to narrow your search down to the correct colour and size by reviewing this section. 

Search the RIGHT STUFF

Search the Right Stuff

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1. Learning with YouTube

3. Search for a YouTube channel

5. Reverse Image Search

7. Tips and Tricks

2. How to search for a video on YouTube

4. Search for a video in a YouTube channel

6. Advance searching tools for images

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1. Advanced Searching in YouTube

2. Search for a video in a YouTube channel

3. Reverse Image Searching in Google

4. Advance image search options

All you cool cats and kittens are now in the esteemed role of content creator. Flex your skills and keep your teachers bowled over with your creativity, ingenuity and attention to detail. Show them what you can do.

Be a Content Creator

Be a content creator

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1. Why project based learning?

3. Make an Animated Video in Under 10 Minute

2. Using Canva to create posters

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1. Designing learning materials using Canva

2. How to create a powtoon

While learning at home, all parents need an education too. Parents need to understand the chaotic world of remote learning and how best to support you. So, here is how you can help your parents. #SHOUTOUT2Parents

Remote Learning Support

Remote Learning Support

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1. The Why, What and How of Remote learning

3. Tips To Support Parents and Children

2. 7 tips for remote teaching and learning

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1. 10 Tips : Remote Learning for Parents

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