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WCED Parent Toolkit for Remote Teaching and Learning 

Remote teaching and learning create incredible opportunities for effective learning and collaboration outside of the classroom. Our current situation – national lockdown - has led to a loss of teaching and learning time and has brought on many challenges and uncertainties about the immediate and future status of learning.

We have created this digital learning toolkit for parents to help facilitate learning at home. It is aimed at giving parents an overview of the various educational platforms, that will support in the creations of a conducive learning environment at home., developing at-home digital learning skills, empowering communications between parents and teachers and guiding parents on ensuring family cyber wellness.

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Here, parents are able to navigate through these educational offerings to learn the skills and effective ways to facilitate learning from home.  
The digital learning toolset below is divided into 5 toolboxes: 

Digital Learning Toolset











Creating & Managing Learning Environment

In this toolbox, you will learn how teachers are using different platforms to connect with your child and will help you familiarise yourself with these educational platforms. 

Enable Communication

In this toolbox, you will learn how to find educational resources, search content, and learn the skills to help your child create resources.

Enable Learning

In this toolbox, you will learn about cyber wellness, how to monitor your family's safety online, online ethical behaviour and cyber safety games to enrich your child's online safety knowledge and preparedness. 

Cyber Wellness

Parental Involvement

In this toolbox, you will learn how to use household items to build camera-stands for your child. You will also learn how to manage online learning at home.

In this toolbox, you will learn how to build strong online parent-teacher relationships and online parent and learning communities. 

How do I communicate with my child's teacher?

How do I create a suitable learning space?

How do I become involved in my child's learning?

How do I become involved in my child's learning?

How do I know which apps are safe?

Proudly created during a collaborative project between WCED eLearning and FSDOE eLearning 2020. 

With special thanks to Altelim and CTLI for their contributions.

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